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We hear an awful lot about how things are just so terrible now and how it’s just like the Great Depression again.  I am certainly pessimistic about the direction Obama is taking our country, but we’ve got a long way before we actually see the things the media tells us are already happening.  I’m also fairly sure that in only four or eight years, Obama can’t completely destroy the foundations of this great nation.  But that’s not going to stop him and his ilk from telling us how many things are wrong with this country so that he can “fix” them.  Brace yourselves to endure even more endless moaning about the inadequacies of our republic.

I, for one, didn’t object when Phil Gramm said we were a “Nation of Whiners.”  I still think he’s right.  Anyway, leave it to comedian Louis CK to really lay out some perspective for us: 

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The always hilarious Michael Ramirez.

The Obama Administration sweeps into office with every intention of saving us from the dangers of a warming climate.  The question of cause and effect aside, what policies will be necessary to further curb greenhouse gas emissions?  Well, last year it was taxing cow farts.  Now, it’s sheep burps.

I’m just worried what this might mean for me and my love of refried beans.

You wouldn’t know it given some  young conservatives, but most conservatives are not embarrassed by Rush Limbaugh, and ARE annoyed by John Stewart. You wouldn’t know that most conservatives like Limbaugh, unless you talked to a frustrated Father trying to pay taxes, or a Mother trying to shield her child from the evils of Planned Parenthood in the public schools. These people, the one’s that are working their tails off every day really like hearing someone say “I know how you feel. It’s really frustrating isn’t it?” Well that is Rush Limbaugh.

Rush Limbaugh, contrary to popular belief is a living embodiment of the American Dream. You might have just laughed at that, so let me reintroduce him to you. Rush Limbaugh could have taken the path of least resistance and become a lawyer, like his Father. Instead he dropped out of college because he loved radio. Because he said what he believed, people fired him, over and over. When he was in his early 30’s he had no money. He was broke. After all, in entertainment, it’s not popular to be a conservative. But he believed in the ideas and he kept trudging along. At about 36, it finally hit. 36. Bobby Jindal is 37. Barack Obama is 47. Can you imagine living for 36 years, having foregone law school and college because you insist you will do what you love, and that you simply want to say what you think? That is dedication.

He is now nearing 60 years old, and a very wealthy man, and that doesn’t make him evil. It means he paid his dues. He’s a flawed person, like all of us, and admits it. But for all of us young people, especially the us who criticize him, or shy away from him, it might be a good idea to rethink your position. I say this not as a demand, but just to reconsider what you say when you look at him and call him names, for fear that you will be proclaimed a bigot, or, if you have come to the conclusion that you are a bigot because you listen to him. For without him, you would have no conservative voice in the media.

It might be hard to remember when he wasn’t there. I remember. I remember being 15 years old, and realizing that all my principles were being squelched out, and that he was the only person I could listen to that would give me the other side. I remember hearing network television say in ’99 that Gore would be “virtually unstoppable” come the 2000 election. I remember FoxNews too young to discuss when Clinton perjured himself. I remember the only one who really gave us the truth on it was Rush Limbaugh.

Today I am watching Rush keynote speak at  CPAC. 40% of the people there are students. When Rush was a student, and in his twenties, and even into his thirties, he was a lone wolf. There was no media star for him to look to. Instead they were looking to smash him before he made it. He had to have faith in conservative principles, he had to have faith that what he was saying was right. And despite his inequities as a man, despite all odds, despite everyone who told him he was wrong, he believed, and it worked. It was not manufactured, it was not a political setup. He did not suddenly have George Soros backing him. He did not implant himself into a liberal machine, and gain a few million college students watching him like John Stewart. No.

He helped unify us. And now he’s standing in front of all these people at CPAC, who he inspires on a daily basis. He made Drudge, who made Breitbart. He made FoxNews. And he helped a young kid like me, who had to take a harder route, because I believe. And now I just have to smile knowing that he has achieved the pinnacle of success, after a half-a-lifetime of simply not giving up. Tonight he is saying “When I look out over the crowd, I don’t see a segments of society, I see the American People. I don’t see minorities, I see people. I see potential. I see that if government gets out of the way, these people can shine.” It makes sense that he sees this, he lived it. And like him or not, that part of his story, another American story, is absolutely true.

And I’ve got two words for him.

Thank you.


Available at the Tennessee GOP, thanks to Flashpoint.

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There are now Fewer qualified pilots

“First,”  Archbishop Chaput (Catholic leader) said, “all political leaders draw their authority from God. We owe no leader any submission or cooperation in the pursuit of grave evil.”
American Catholics need to realize that many in the current generation haven’t just been “assimilated” into the American culture, but have in fact been “absorbed and bleached and digested by it,” Archbishop Chaput asserted.

“Brain Death” Test Causes Brain Necrosis and Kills Patients: Neurologist to Rome Conference

James Delingpole talks to Jonah Goldberg about his book on the affinities between the modern Left and the totalitarian movements of the 20th century

A group of liberal bloggers said it is teaming up with organized labor and MoveOn to form a political action committee that will seek to push the Democratic Party farther to the left.


As always, Scott Adams.

Note that the starstruck  Bill O’Reilly, perhaps recovering from his interview with Obama,  listed his top five films of all time on the eve of the eve of the Academy Awards:

#5 Casablanca (time honored but who watches the dvd?)

#4 Platoon the ulimate liberal war movie introducing Charlie Sheen (forget Patton, The Longest Day, Full Metal Jacket or even 300 for the purist)

#3 Midnight Cowboy (New York unmasked? Just buy the soundtrack.)

#2 Schindler’s List (had to made but immediately forgotten by Hollywood liberals)

#1 Godfather, 2 (a family film, but I prefer current news from Chicago)

While watching Patton instead of the academy awards, I came up with my own list.

This is  my list of the five films, which as a father, I would take my sons to see if I could only choose five:

#5  It’s a Wonderful Life

#4 Glory

#3 Patton

#2 Life Is Beautiful

#1 The Passion

Do you have five?