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Tonight I read one of the most powerful and, I believe, historical articles I have read that has been written in my lifetime. I will get to it in a moment, but first, let’s go over the background.

As many of us readers now know, Father Jenkins, President of Notre Dame, elected to welcome President Barack Obama to his university, even after the Council of Bishops instructed that no honor be given a Pro-Abortion leader.

The backlash has been nothing more than miraculous.

In the last two days, a Petition to un-invite Obama has become a nation-wide movement. Today the petition grew by nearly 60,000 signatures, almost reaching 100k (link to petition at the bottom of this article). This astounding feet has now been supported with a momentous and powerful letter by Bishop D’Arcy. To understand why this is such a big deal, you’ve really needed to be following American Catholicism…so I’ll give you some insight.

In the past forty years, many of the Priests and Bishops have either been silent, slow to move, or actually on the wrong side (the opposite side of the Church…so the wrong side especially for them) of social issues. Popular slogans like “What about the Death Penalty?” have been used to defend voting for what is a non-negotiable issue: the issue of abortion (vs. the Death Penalty, which is a prudential issue, and permitted under some circumstances, as Thomas Aquinas and Augustine so say…abortion is intrinsically evil). Unfortunately, we who have been championing dignity of every person have been somewhat missing the big guns, that being the Bishops…until recently.

Enter champions like Bishop Robert Baker of Birmingham and Bishop Chaput of Denver. These guys come to play ball, along with several others. But what just happened with Bishop D’Arcy, perhaps an extremely difficult decision, was HUGE, because he in effect publicly chastised the University that is supposed to stand for Catholicism: Notre Dame. He chastised it, he says, because the people there are choosing “prestige over truth.” WELL SAID.

I will not give a dissertation on the Bishop’s letter (I do have it posted, and will leave the reference at the bottom), except to say that in Bishop speak, which is very polite and eloquent, His Excellence told Notre Dame that they were not acting in the graces of the Church, that they are in real danger, and that Obama’s practice of condoning the radical abortion agenda is in effect killing innocent human beings.

And I thought Pope Benedict’s wrath on Pelosi was serious. This was far more…especially because its a Bishop in America.

And thank God. Thank God for your letter Bishop D’Arcy. We have been struggling…struggling for the culture of life, even though many “Catholics” snub their nose at us, even though “Catholic” politicians like Pelosi and Kerry and Biden stand for funding embryonic stem cell research, even though 54% of Catholics voted for Obama…FINALLY, at last oh Lord, let us protect these unborn!

For the Bishop to boycott the President is not only brave…IT IS A BEGINNING. It might even be an unprecedented event. If not, I am sure its rare.We now have public help from the Bishops in a HUGE way.

Thank you Bishop D’Arcy. Thank you. Thank you.

And for all those that have been bombarding this post…THANK YOU. We are really onto something. If we go do the Tax Tea Parties, and continue to protest Obama at Notre Dame…going as far as to protest on the Notre Dame’s campus (with CIVILITY mind you), we are truly going to change this country.

And usher in the Culture Of Life.

Thank you Your Excellency. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

For Bishop D’Arcy’s letter and other information concerning this issue, click here.

The original Notre Dame Protest Post has become MASSIVE with information. Therefore, I moved my original article to this post, simply for clarity. For all Protest updates, click here.

Here is my original article:

A few days after President Obama was elected, the Council of Catholic Bishops announced that they will fight the heavily touted Freedom of Choice Act, a Planned Parenthood initiative that would literally wipe all Abortion restrictions off the books. The Bishops announced their frustration at Obama, because I’m guessing politics and fear, after the election. Now we have an all out assault against human life and natural law…everything that Pope John Paul II stressed was important for a flourishing society. He had a phrase for the culture that is quickly becoming the standard in our country: the Culture of Death.

So I was happy about the Bishops’ recent statement that any  Catholic Organization should refrain from giving awards to anyone that is Pro-Choice. It was at least a step in the right direction.

I suppose Notre Dame didn’t get the memo.

Just announced is something so disgusting, so hypocritical, so embarrassing, that I am at a loss of words, and seething…President Obama will be delivering the commencement address at Notre Dame, and will be receiving an honorary doctorate from this the alleged Catholic School in the United States.

Notre Dame was founded on faith in Christ, and while our country is merely encouraged to receive Grace, Notre Dame is commanded to do so. The name of the University honors a woman who went through a difficult crisis pregnancy with total faith. Her name is Mary, and Catholics are supposed to honor her name, not slander it.

Years from now, when abortion is considered one of the great injustices of the world, and outlawed as ferociously as slavery, people will be able to point at this Catholic School, and say the same thing that people say about the Catholic Church under so many circumstances: what in the heck is the difference between Catholicism and other institutions? In a social sense, I’m wondering the same thing for the United States Church.

Its funny, cause the Protestants are fighting what we promise to fight. The Christian Right takes it in the face for protecting unborn children. But those in the Catholic Church, who are supposed to be heralded for their decisions, don’t receive these awards. No. They are shoved in the back so we can put Obama on stage. They are underfunded. They struggle. I know them. I watch them, frustrated. *Update. Mary Ann Glendon will also receive an award. Apparently ND has been feeling the heat off their decision to pick Obama. This award does not appease, nor does it diminish the lack of foresight with their decision to have President Obama.*

But I tell ya, if I were Obama I’d receive the award and honorary degree too. It seems that he is claiming his triumph over the Catholic Church in the United States. “I, Obama, have overcome the power of Benedict’s words for the Catholic Church.” I think he’s got a point.

In 2008 54% of Catholics voted for Obama, contrary to the teaching and instruction of the Catholic Church. Just a few weeks ago, Nancy Pelosi, a self-proclaimed “ardent Catholic,” who was recently and sternly warned to protect the sanctity of life by Pope Benedict XVI, publicly applauded Obama’s decision to fund embryonic stem cell research, and was videoed in St. Anthony’s Church (in San Francisco) saying that Border laws were unAmerican. WHAT?! Perhaps she hasn’t read any Catholic teaching on a state protecting its borders. Neither have the Priest’s at St. Anthony’s apparently.

Meanwhile, we who are trying our best to live by the standards of the Church are screaming at the top of our lungs that the Church demands the Sanctity of Life, we think we are gaining ground…and then Notre Dame goes and does this.

My question to all leaders in the Catholic Church is simple: how are we supposed to continued to be disparaged and made fun of, defending the name of our Church, when you stand by and let this injustice go on?

Bishops…PLEASE forbid this. This is something that is an international scandal for the Catholic Church. It is your duty to stand up for those that cannot speak. It is better to be poor and alive than dead. You are supposed to defend this principle. That is your job. You are eternally accountable for this, more than the rest of us. It is the cross you were called, and this is NOT politics, this is about the LIVES of your flock.

This is not the end of this. There will be civil protest. I will keep you updated…and to all non-Catholics who want to help protest, welcome. We appreciate your help and support.

This Post has become massive with information, and tons of people have visited, and continue to (and send me updates). For clarity’s sake, this post now holds just updates…not the original protest article. For that article, click here.


For a Personal Thank You to Bishop D’Arcy, click here.



Ladies and Gentlemen of the Catholic Church…wow!  While the leaders at Notre Dame continue to herald their decision to give Obama an honorary doctorate and commencement speech honors…the people are rising up!

Things you need to know:

The Notre Dame Scandal Petition is over 165,000! With the right effort, we could have 200k by the end of the week. Keep working! (link below)

The Facebook Group Now has over 700 members (link below)

National Right to life has called for Obama’s invitation to be rescinded. (link below)

George Weigel, biographer of Pope John Paul II has recently relayed his severe distaste of having Obama speak. (link below)

When people say “All Presidents are asked to speak at Notre Dame,” two things: 1. Only EIGHT President’s have received the honor Obama is receiving…only EIGHT. 2. The Bishops just released the statement saying that all Catholic Institutions must refrain from honoring pro-abortion leaders.

Civility. Always Civility. We must relay our message powerfully, rationally, and kindly. Catholics and supporters of this Catholic cause MUST do so courageously, with conviction, and with proper prudence.

Let’s keep it up!!!

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AP Press Announcement: ND Spokesman says “I don’t foresee a circumstance in which we would rescind the invitation…” WE DO!!!

National Right to Life Calls for Obama invite to be rescinded.

When you hear all the poverty groups…keep in mind the corruption and the fact that many of them are population control…a.k.a. abortion. I’m hoping these Hollywood people just don’t know.

Hollywood people “Pledge…”

Now we know some very specific people to NOT support in film.


President Obama called the head of the Special Olympics and apologized. Thank you Mr. President.

Its snowing in major cities today, and since its the first day of spring, we now have proof that the Earth is warming.

“Its an offhand remark making fun of his own bowling, is what Obama’s PR guy said about Obama comparing his own bowling career to the Special Olympics.

I’m watching people this morning push this comment aside on the news…and I’m wondering why. I’m also trying to wrap my head around what would have happened had if Bush had said this, or the headlines that Coulter, a known satirist received, when making a slur against John Edwards’ sexual preference.

I’m also considering what this means: our “politically correct” system applies to one party. Well, we all knew that right? What’s worse however, is that Obama can say “I was making fun of my bowling,” and people say, “Ok, no big deal, you were making fun of your bowling,” when he was making fun of his own bowling by using a very specific part of our society, those that struggle harder to succeed…and do succeed.

The Special Olympics is something that our “entertainment” has been quick to tease and laugh at, and certainly Sarah Palin’s child was a topic of fun for all those people out there with their noses up.

Here’s what I see with the Special Olympics: I see success. I see potential. I see the representation of a group of people who work their hardest, taking their best qualities and work to achieve. Further, I see a group of people who might have trouble scoring well on the LSAT, but have no trouble giving someone a huge hug that they do not know. Isn’t that what all the liberals love? I suppose not.We needed a simple apology, and Obama is not giving it, and the press is not willing to call him on this.

President Obama, in all his “glory,” will probably not lose votes over this “gaffe,” but while he might not, what he should recognize is that this comment goes beyond politics…its about decency. Instead of thinking about whether his statement will affect his policy, he should look at the fact that he insulted a lot of Mothers and Fathers who are working hard to take care of their children…and yes, President Obama, they should have the children as opposed to an abortion.

Our dignity rests not in our race, color, greed, “gender,” or capacity to learn. Our dignity rests in the fact that we are humans. I imagine that if Mr. Obama had insulted a large constituency race, like say, Hispanics, the apology comes immediately. Apparently those “special” in our society are not a large enough constituency group.

Unfortunately, it looks like the press is going to gloss over this statement, but to me it says a lot about what President Obama really cares about. Take away politics, take away money, what was said was rude, and even if its a release, an apology is needed.

This morning Drudge’s headline states that Duke Coach slams Obama, telling the President to focus on the economy, not the Basketball picks. My sentiments exactly. But there’s more going on out there than Jay Leno and the Final Four.

Today we will find out how much the Obama administration and Geithner actually knew about the 165 mil that AIG received in funds. Its hilarious, because in policy matters, the government NEVER should have bailed out anyone. But because they did, the Democrats are in real trouble, because they have been complaining on what they actually knew: that AIG would be receiving these bonuses. Now the Dems have placed themselves in a Catch-22, because they created this beast, and now are feigning to destroy it. Chris Dodd is certainly eating the Democrats decision to keep Republicans out of the Stimulus decisions, as Republicans can now cry foul

The thing is…the blood is in the water, and you can see the sharks coming. That whole honeymoon of Obama’s is wearing off quicker than I expected.

However it might not matter…

Obama now has the Census in the Whitehouse, and ACORN overseeing it. In other words: Viva Hugo Chavez.

Last Friday people from all over the nation crashed a server and watched a television show to celebrate the classic American values. What they watched was the Glenn Beck “We Surround Them” special. The server they crashed was a website just launched, the 912 project. The man who launched the website and hosted the show is definitely a character, fond of converse shoes with his suit, and a somewhat goofy grin that is quite warm. Before he even learned the server crashed, the man, whose name is Glenn Beck, who is the rising star in Conservative leaders, was in tears, and I can imagine why.

Beck has not always been the self-proclaimed “just a Dad” image that he currently matches so well. He lived the lowest of lows in the darkest sides of entertainment, and unlike many, he made it out alive. After recovering, he started a slow ride back to normalcy, or at least responsibility. Beck is one of those guys that can truly say “I understand, I’ve been there.” And he does, every night.

After literally starting over again, Beck has climbed into seat #2 in conservative pundits according to CPAC (behind Limbaugh), which is quite astounding considering he’s the newest “mega” face on the seen. Further,  he’s #3 in cable, with a show at 4pm (a tough slot, making it pretty hard for people to watch him, and therefore making ratings that much more impressive).

He also fits the conservative mold: nice guy, passionate, cares about God, Family, Country, doesn’t take himself so seriously, knows he’s not always right, but holds the common values of so many in the country, and knows that it is the principles, not a person, that bind us together.

It must be something. It must be something for a man like Beck to have been through so much, and then to see so many Americans looking to him to simply state classic American values, while these same values are being torn apart on the Beltway. What a turn around he made after such a hard fall earlier in his life!

It is this kind of man, an unmanufactured man that show our values for what they are: hard work, sacrifice, a selfless attitude, and perseverance.

Now he’s launched the 912 project, which basically asks the question: are you the type that buried their head in the sand on 9/10/01, the type that fell into despair and fear on 9/11/01, or the type that stood up courageously on 9/12/01?

Those who stand as a “912ver,” make sure to check out his website, and if you are one of those who raises their nose to Conservative talk radio, give this guy a try. He is a unifier, someone you’d really love to sit down and talk to.

Proud to be a 912ver, Mr. Beck. Congratulations on your great success.

One of the greatest quotes…ever. If you read any article today, read this one.

Indeed, one could perversely make the case that, if anything, the proliferation of overeducated, Gucci-wearing, smart-ass MBAs inventing ever more sophisticated and opaque mathematical models and debt instruments helped get us into this credit catastrophe in the first place.