You are currently browsing freehat’s articles. is pleased to announce our first event – a Tax Day Tea Party. This “Tea Party” is in the tradition of the Boston Tea Party, a protest of taxation, and is a national phenomenon…these events will be happening simultaneously all over the country!

But we’ve got something more at ours…

Free Pork! Sausage that is, courtesy of our sponsor, the MONROE SAUSAGE COMPANY!!!

We’re proud to be the EXCLUSIVE host in Tuscaloosa, AL (the current base of operations for SquareWON). We definitely need your help! All Students, Residents, pretty much anyone who thinks we are taxed too much, come out to the Quad, in the heart of the University of Alabama’s campus, for this event…TO THIS CIVIL, FAMILY FRIENDLY EVENT.

We’ll be on the Quad on April 15th from 5:00-7:30 (so the hardworking citizens can attend after work and before church events).

So come out and let’s make a statement that will be heard in Washington, DC!

DON’T FORGET: RSVP on the Facebook Event Page and note that you’re coming!

– SquareWON Team


A recent Fox News article I read online got the ol’ wheels turning about one of the many areas in which the conservative movement, in recent years, has failed America. The article, which I recommend checking out after reading this piece, can be found here. It simply related some of the latest poll numbers the news agency had on President Obama and his policies, but it revealed some enlightening, but not the least bit surprising inconsistencies.

About seventy-seven percent believe Obama is increasing the size of the government, and fifty-six percent believe government is too big already. Despite this, President Obama retains a sixty-three percent job approval rating and forty-nine percent say the country needs the economics of Obama rather than the economics of Reagan. Also in another apparent contradiction, Americans also overwhelmingly believe that “you cannot make the rich poor by making the poor rich,” (seventy-two percent), and sixty-nine percent believe raising taxes during a recession is a bad idea. Tell me I’m not the only one who sees the obvious logical fallacies within these numbers.

There can only be two conclusions. The first and simplest would be that Americans have gotten too ignorant to understand the defiance of their politics by the left and see only “hope” and “change,” voting for it blindly because they don’t know any better. That would be the cynical view, and while I believe there to be some merit in it, I cannot believe that we as a country are there yet. The only other explanation is also two-pronged – first, that the conservative movement has failed to pin these inconsistencies on the left and particularly on President Obama and that, also, our party has failed to become the truest form of opposition to the left and has not made them accountable for their ridiculous and un-American positions.

And what happened? We all know the story – when we had a Republican in the White House and control of congress, the true conservatives watched in horror while our government expanded entitlements and increased the deficit. The GOP became a slightly less scary version of the Democrats, and we all continued to watch as they took over all three houses and exposed the Republicans for exactly what they had become.

If there is to be any true remedy for the right, we must both return to form to battle the Dems on spending and we must expose them for who they are – self-important hypocrites who want to take your money, give it to your undeserving neighbors in an obvious scheme to manipulate votes, and expand their power base by making every American dependent on government.