SquareWON.org is pleased to announce our first event – a Tax Day Tea Party. This “Tea Party” is in the tradition of the Boston Tea Party, a protest of taxation, and is a national phenomenon…these events will be happening simultaneously all over the country!

But we’ve got something more at ours…

Free Pork! Sausage that is, courtesy of our sponsor, the MONROE SAUSAGE COMPANY!!!

We’re proud to be the EXCLUSIVE host in Tuscaloosa, AL (the current base of operations for SquareWON). We definitely need your help! All Students, Residents, pretty much anyone who thinks we are taxed too much, come out to the Quad, in the heart of the University of Alabama’s campus, for this event…TO THIS CIVIL, FAMILY FRIENDLY EVENT.

We’ll be on the Quad on April 15th from 5:00-7:30 (so the hardworking citizens can attend after work and before church events).

So come out and let’s make a statement that will be heard in Washington, DC!

DON’T FORGET: RSVP on the Facebook Event Page and note that you’re coming!

– SquareWON Team