The original Notre Dame Protest Post has become MASSIVE with information. Therefore, I moved my original article to this post, simply for clarity. For all Protest updates, click here.

Here is my original article:

A few days after President Obama was elected, the Council of Catholic Bishops announced that they will fight the heavily touted Freedom of Choice Act, a Planned Parenthood initiative that would literally wipe all Abortion restrictions off the books. The Bishops announced their frustration at Obama, because I’m guessing politics and fear, after the election. Now we have an all out assault against human life and natural law…everything that Pope John Paul II stressed was important for a flourishing society. He had a phrase for the culture that is quickly becoming the standard in our country: the Culture of Death.

So I was happy about the Bishops’ recent statement that any  Catholic Organization should refrain from giving awards to anyone that is Pro-Choice. It was at least a step in the right direction.

I suppose Notre Dame didn’t get the memo.

Just announced is something so disgusting, so hypocritical, so embarrassing, that I am at a loss of words, and seething…President Obama will be delivering the commencement address at Notre Dame, and will be receiving an honorary doctorate from this the alleged Catholic School in the United States.

Notre Dame was founded on faith in Christ, and while our country is merely encouraged to receive Grace, Notre Dame is commanded to do so. The name of the University honors a woman who went through a difficult crisis pregnancy with total faith. Her name is Mary, and Catholics are supposed to honor her name, not slander it.

Years from now, when abortion is considered one of the great injustices of the world, and outlawed as ferociously as slavery, people will be able to point at this Catholic School, and say the same thing that people say about the Catholic Church under so many circumstances: what in the heck is the difference between Catholicism and other institutions? In a social sense, I’m wondering the same thing for the United States Church.

Its funny, cause the Protestants are fighting what we promise to fight. The Christian Right takes it in the face for protecting unborn children. But those in the Catholic Church, who are supposed to be heralded for their decisions, don’t receive these awards. No. They are shoved in the back so we can put Obama on stage. They are underfunded. They struggle. I know them. I watch them, frustrated. *Update. Mary Ann Glendon will also receive an award. Apparently ND has been feeling the heat off their decision to pick Obama. This award does not appease, nor does it diminish the lack of foresight with their decision to have President Obama.*

But I tell ya, if I were Obama I’d receive the award and honorary degree too. It seems that he is claiming his triumph over the Catholic Church in the United States. “I, Obama, have overcome the power of Benedict’s words for the Catholic Church.” I think he’s got a point.

In 2008 54% of Catholics voted for Obama, contrary to the teaching and instruction of the Catholic Church. Just a few weeks ago, Nancy Pelosi, a self-proclaimed “ardent Catholic,” who was recently and sternly warned to protect the sanctity of life by Pope Benedict XVI, publicly applauded Obama’s decision to fund embryonic stem cell research, and was videoed in St. Anthony’s Church (in San Francisco) saying that Border laws were unAmerican. WHAT?! Perhaps she hasn’t read any Catholic teaching on a state protecting its borders. Neither have the Priest’s at St. Anthony’s apparently.

Meanwhile, we who are trying our best to live by the standards of the Church are screaming at the top of our lungs that the Church demands the Sanctity of Life, we think we are gaining ground…and then Notre Dame goes and does this.

My question to all leaders in the Catholic Church is simple: how are we supposed to continued to be disparaged and made fun of, defending the name of our Church, when you stand by and let this injustice go on?

Bishops…PLEASE forbid this. This is something that is an international scandal for the Catholic Church. It is your duty to stand up for those that cannot speak. It is better to be poor and alive than dead. You are supposed to defend this principle. That is your job. You are eternally accountable for this, more than the rest of us. It is the cross you were called, and this is NOT politics, this is about the LIVES of your flock.

This is not the end of this. There will be civil protest. I will keep you updated…and to all non-Catholics who want to help protest, welcome. We appreciate your help and support.