Tonight I read one of the most powerful and, I believe, historical articles I have read that has been written in my lifetime. I will get to it in a moment, but first, let’s go over the background.

As many of us readers now know, Father Jenkins, President of Notre Dame, elected to welcome President Barack Obama to his university, even after the Council of Bishops instructed that no honor be given a Pro-Abortion leader.

The backlash has been nothing more than miraculous.

In the last two days, a Petition to un-invite Obama has become a nation-wide movement. Today the petition grew by nearly 60,000 signatures, almost reaching 100k (link to petition at the bottom of this article). This astounding feet has now been supported with a momentous and powerful letter by Bishop D’Arcy. To understand why this is such a big deal, you’ve really needed to be following American Catholicism…so I’ll give you some insight.

In the past forty years, many of the Priests and Bishops have either been silent, slow to move, or actually on the wrong side (the opposite side of the Church…so the wrong side especially for them) of social issues. Popular slogans like “What about the Death Penalty?” have been used to defend voting for what is a non-negotiable issue: the issue of abortion (vs. the Death Penalty, which is a prudential issue, and permitted under some circumstances, as Thomas Aquinas and Augustine so say…abortion is intrinsically evil). Unfortunately, we who have been championing dignity of every person have been somewhat missing the big guns, that being the Bishops…until recently.

Enter champions like Bishop Robert Baker of Birmingham and Bishop Chaput of Denver. These guys come to play ball, along with several others. But what just happened with Bishop D’Arcy, perhaps an extremely difficult decision, was HUGE, because he in effect publicly chastised the University that is supposed to stand for Catholicism: Notre Dame. He chastised it, he says, because the people there are choosing “prestige over truth.” WELL SAID.

I will not give a dissertation on the Bishop’s letter (I do have it posted, and will leave the reference at the bottom), except to say that in Bishop speak, which is very polite and eloquent, His Excellence told Notre Dame that they were not acting in the graces of the Church, that they are in real danger, and that Obama’s practice of condoning the radical abortion agenda is in effect killing innocent human beings.

And I thought Pope Benedict’s wrath on Pelosi was serious. This was far more…especially because its a Bishop in America.

And thank God. Thank God for your letter Bishop D’Arcy. We have been struggling…struggling for the culture of life, even though many “Catholics” snub their nose at us, even though “Catholic” politicians like Pelosi and Kerry and Biden stand for funding embryonic stem cell research, even though 54% of Catholics voted for Obama…FINALLY, at last oh Lord, let us protect these unborn!

For the Bishop to boycott the President is not only brave…IT IS A BEGINNING. It might even be an unprecedented event. If not, I am sure its rare.We now have public help from the Bishops in a HUGE way.

Thank you Bishop D’Arcy. Thank you. Thank you.

And for all those that have been bombarding this post…THANK YOU. We are really onto something. If we go do the Tax Tea Parties, and continue to protest Obama at Notre Dame…going as far as to protest on the Notre Dame’s campus (with CIVILITY mind you), we are truly going to change this country.

And usher in the Culture Of Life.

Thank you Your Excellency. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

For Bishop D’Arcy’s letter and other information concerning this issue, click here.