President Obama called the head of the Special Olympics and apologized. Thank you Mr. President.

Its snowing in major cities today, and since its the first day of spring, we now have proof that the Earth is warming.

“Its an offhand remark making fun of his own bowling, is what Obama’s PR guy said about Obama comparing his own bowling career to the Special Olympics.

I’m watching people this morning push this comment aside on the news…and I’m wondering why. I’m also trying to wrap my head around what would have happened had if Bush had said this, or the headlines that Coulter, a known satirist received, when making a slur against John Edwards’ sexual preference.

I’m also considering what this means: our “politically correct” system applies to one party. Well, we all knew that right? What’s worse however, is that Obama can say “I was making fun of my bowling,” and people say, “Ok, no big deal, you were making fun of your bowling,” when he was making fun of his own bowling by using a very specific part of our society, those that struggle harder to succeed…and do succeed.

The Special Olympics is something that our “entertainment” has been quick to tease and laugh at, and certainly Sarah Palin’s child was a topic of fun for all those people out there with their noses up.

Here’s what I see with the Special Olympics: I see success. I see potential. I see the representation of a group of people who work their hardest, taking their best qualities and work to achieve. Further, I see a group of people who might have trouble scoring well on the LSAT, but have no trouble giving someone a huge hug that they do not know. Isn’t that what all the liberals love? I suppose not.We needed a simple apology, and Obama is not giving it, and the press is not willing to call him on this.

President Obama, in all his “glory,” will probably not lose votes over this “gaffe,” but while he might not, what he should recognize is that this comment goes beyond politics…its about decency. Instead of thinking about whether his statement will affect his policy, he should look at the fact that he insulted a lot of Mothers and Fathers who are working hard to take care of their children…and yes, President Obama, they should have the children as opposed to an abortion.

Our dignity rests not in our race, color, greed, “gender,” or capacity to learn. Our dignity rests in the fact that we are humans. I imagine that if Mr. Obama had insulted a large constituency race, like say, Hispanics, the apology comes immediately. Apparently those “special” in our society are not a large enough constituency group.

Unfortunately, it looks like the press is going to gloss over this statement, but to me it says a lot about what President Obama really cares about. Take away politics, take away money, what was said was rude, and even if its a release, an apology is needed.