This morning Drudge’s headline states that Duke Coach slams Obama, telling the President to focus on the economy, not the Basketball picks. My sentiments exactly. But there’s more going on out there than Jay Leno and the Final Four.

Today we will find out how much the Obama administration and Geithner actually knew about the 165 mil that AIG received in funds. Its hilarious, because in policy matters, the government NEVER should have bailed out anyone. But because they did, the Democrats are in real trouble, because they have been complaining on what they actually knew: that AIG would be receiving these bonuses. Now the Dems have placed themselves in a Catch-22, because they created this beast, and now are feigning to destroy it. Chris Dodd is certainly eating the Democrats decision to keep Republicans out of the Stimulus decisions, as Republicans can now cry foul

The thing is…the blood is in the water, and you can see the sharks coming. That whole honeymoon of Obama’s is wearing off quicker than I expected.

However it might not matter…

Obama now has the Census in the Whitehouse, and ACORN overseeing it. In other words: Viva Hugo Chavez.