Last Friday people from all over the nation crashed a server and watched a television show to celebrate the classic American values. What they watched was the Glenn Beck “We Surround Them” special. The server they crashed was a website just launched, the 912 project. The man who launched the website and hosted the show is definitely a character, fond of converse shoes with his suit, and a somewhat goofy grin that is quite warm. Before he even learned the server crashed, the man, whose name is Glenn Beck, who is the rising star in Conservative leaders, was in tears, and I can imagine why.

Beck has not always been the self-proclaimed “just a Dad” image that he currently matches so well. He lived the lowest of lows in the darkest sides of entertainment, and unlike many, he made it out alive. After recovering, he started a slow ride back to normalcy, or at least responsibility. Beck is one of those guys that can truly say “I understand, I’ve been there.” And he does, every night.

After literally starting over again, Beck has climbed into seat #2 in conservative pundits according to CPAC (behind Limbaugh), which is quite astounding considering he’s the newest “mega” face on the seen. Further,  he’s #3 in cable, with a show at 4pm (a tough slot, making it pretty hard for people to watch him, and therefore making ratings that much more impressive).

He also fits the conservative mold: nice guy, passionate, cares about God, Family, Country, doesn’t take himself so seriously, knows he’s not always right, but holds the common values of so many in the country, and knows that it is the principles, not a person, that bind us together.

It must be something. It must be something for a man like Beck to have been through so much, and then to see so many Americans looking to him to simply state classic American values, while these same values are being torn apart on the Beltway. What a turn around he made after such a hard fall earlier in his life!

It is this kind of man, an unmanufactured man that show our values for what they are: hard work, sacrifice, a selfless attitude, and perseverance.

Now he’s launched the 912 project, which basically asks the question: are you the type that buried their head in the sand on 9/10/01, the type that fell into despair and fear on 9/11/01, or the type that stood up courageously on 9/12/01?

Those who stand as a “912ver,” make sure to check out his website, and if you are one of those who raises their nose to Conservative talk radio, give this guy a try. He is a unifier, someone you’d really love to sit down and talk to.

Proud to be a 912ver, Mr. Beck. Congratulations on your great success.