I am not surprised that Ms. McCain doesn’t like Ann Coulter…Coulter has been less than kind about her father. I will forego any personal attack against Ms. McCain, I find it meritless (although she is quickly making herself a public figure). I also agree with Ms. McCain that the Republican party is “unhip,” but would disregard making any personal insult to Donny Osmond. Further to suggest that Obama is the “hippest” politician is hysterical. You mean more hip than…Oh wait, I’m pretty sure it’s easy to have that role. Instead of “hip,” can we have “experienced,” “competent,” more than just “present?”

Where I will contend with Ms. McCain is her suggestion that Ann Coulter is embarrassing to Republican women. I will refine Ms. McCain’s statement and suggest (actually outright state) that Coulter is a biting satirist, and certainly not for the sensitive palate. I will also state that Coulter is not a Republican woman, although she leans to voting Republican. Further, as I have defended Rush Limbaugh’s life, I will too defend Coulter.

Coulter is less insulting than Jeanine Garafalo, far more accurate in her statement, and definitely more qualified, having graduated from the University of Michigan Law School, and sitting on law Review. Her work is impeccably cited. Coulter is also a champion of hardcore free speech, I think given this credential, and her rise to stardom despite the censorship of the media, she is largely the reason people like Senator McCain EVER even had a voice (and I trust she will ignore Ms. McCain’s attempted snipe).

I expect that Ms. McCain is trying to make a name for herself, not too different from her Father (being a darling of the liberals, nearly a lapdog). I hope that she will refrain from gaining this name by putting down public figures who worked their way to the top, and didn’t have a public figure as a father, and therefore didn’t ride coattails. The ONLY reason Ms. McCain gets in the spotlight is because of her father, and because she is going against the grain of conservatism (but not her father).

Way to take the road MOST travelled Ms. McCain…unlike Ann. No matter what you think of Coulter, you can’t deny she sticks to her guns. Can you imagine what a SUPERSTAR Coulter would have been if she was liberal? Her attacks would have been spotlighted at the Oscars, and she would have been NYTimes Chief Editor.

Thank God Coulter took the road less travelled.