“This just in, Obama lifted the George Bush ban on stem cell research…and now Obama really did make people like Christopher Reid walk! Get your lollipop on the way out!”

Ladies and Gentlemen, doesn’t that sound fantastic?! But hey, we left out something…Embryonic stem cells, research that has NEVER generated a cure (as opposed to adult stem cells), and…its on EMBRYOS…a.k.a. experimenting on Unborn Children! I would bet that most people would not support someone harvesting an unborn child to experiment on them…as it flies in the face of the life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for that unborn child, but unfortunately, we are LOSING THE P.R. WAR.

Other than our “Navy Seals” on the conservative front: Coulter, Limbaugh, etc, there are few people that are even taking on the P.R. War (Breitbart has at least been giving it a try with Big Hollywood), and as a result, we lose. Let me clarify the point. When I talk to some conservatives, they say (as we had one comment on a recent article) that we are no longer intellectual because we have Sean Hannity, Coulter, Limbaugh, and Beck. Three words: Krauthammer, George Will, and Fr. Neuhaus what we actually have is both a popular and intellectual voice, which is a great thing. I’ll go further.

Recently I attended a symposium where some very intelligent liberals spoke. Afterwards the audience talked about how wordy and confusing their discussions were. Very true. Academics speaks to a certain taste, and popular speaks to another. And guess what?! Entertainment speaks to another. We as conservatives have GOT to understand the power of entertainment, the popular voice, the common understanding. STOP just saying “low taxes,” and start saying, “We have a lot of people that need relief, that need the burden of taxes off of them. We need to cut more than income taxes, so the family next door has more to put on the table…” STOP saying “We don’t need Universal Healthcare,” and DO say “We need healthcare for everyone, and we will do it this way: we’ll give hospitals easy paths to construction, and simplify insurance by streamlining regulations.”

And when Obama has a crowd together to applaud experimenting on unborn children, let’s understand the power of the audience. Remember, Obama ONLY had 52% of the vote against a very weak candidate. People do not love him like the media is saying, but we have GOT to provide an alternative.