We’ve been hearing a lot about Rahm Emanuel, James Carville, and Rush Limbaugh. Let me give you another side:

You probably know the background. Emanuel and Carville found a poll that asserted Limbaugh had a low approval rating. As a result, they decided to peg Limbaugh as the head of the Republican party. That’s the front story. For your entertainment, and possibly insight, let me provide an alternative story.

Limbaugh, contrary to the popular shouting, is brilliant. Regardless of one’s opinion on his politics, there is little doubt that Limbaugh is one of the greatest marketers of all time. He’s also the greatest radio personality of all time…and has 40+ years experience (we’re looking at Jonathan Krohn to take his place). Bottom Line: He doesn’t just walk into traps, especially by people like James Carville.

Further, his soundbyte didn’t come off the radio (the “I want him to fail” soundbyte). Nope. It came off an interview with Sean Hannity. Notably, Limbaugh NEVER does interviews. He did a few radio spots during the election, but he really leaves it to the radio show.

In my mind, it looks like he baited the liberals, and in the process, placed conservative values at the forefront of Republican politics…leading people to ask the question, “Is Limbaugh the leader of the Republican party?” and leaving Michael Steele to unfortunately put his foot in his mouth. This left Limbaugh with no other choice than to bite back. But I don’t think this is a bad thing.

The result was not that Limbaugh became the face of the Republican party, but instead reasserted his place as head of the conservative movement. But more happened: the Conservative movement was pushed to the forefront of the Republican party…finally. That wasn’t intentional by Rush (along with a skyrocket in his ratings)? Yeah and George Soros is broke.

All this calculated effort by conservatives just might get the Republicans back in power…again. Hopefully they’ll not make fun of us this time.