We hear an awful lot about how things are just so terrible now and how it’s just like the Great Depression again.  I am certainly pessimistic about the direction Obama is taking our country, but we’ve got a long way before we actually see the things the media tells us are already happening.  I’m also fairly sure that in only four or eight years, Obama can’t completely destroy the foundations of this great nation.  But that’s not going to stop him and his ilk from telling us how many things are wrong with this country so that he can “fix” them.  Brace yourselves to endure even more endless moaning about the inadequacies of our republic.

I, for one, didn’t object when Phil Gramm said we were a “Nation of Whiners.”  I still think he’s right.  Anyway, leave it to comedian Louis CK to really lay out some perspective for us: 

Thanks to Carpe Diem.