After twelve advisory group meetings, ten inter-agency meetings, and a couple of crystal ball gazing sessions since Inauguration Day, Obama announced officially that the Iraqi War will end on August 31, 2010.  Does that comment not make anyone else laugh quietly to themselves?  Please don’t get me wrong.  I would like nothing more than our troops to be safe in the United States, but how can we arbitrarily end a war that has waged since March 2003?  The clear answer is that we can’t, but Obama doesn’t seem to care one way or another whether it ends on that date.  Not unlike Obama’s Congressional address, the public announcement that the war will end in the next eighteen months is nothing more than glorified, issue specific grandstanding.  The country despises the economy, so Obama changed it. (Read the previous sentence as – he spent your great grandchildren’s money.)  Similarly, the public hates the war, so it only makes sense that Obama will publicize its end.

Now, as Paul Harvey would say, for the rest of the story.  By reading only the headlines, the majority of Americans will likely overlook that Obama retains the ability to slow down or reverse the troop withdrawals. Further, although Obama’s administration left open the possibility that some of the remaining troops would be combat ready, a majority of the troops are going to convert to some sort of advisory positions. (I hope for our American soldiers’ sake, that we inform all the extremists in Iraq that Americans will only be present in this new, advisory role.  I am sure these terrorists will comply accordingly and will focus their terror only on the Iraqi people.)  Although the August date marks the withdrawal of some of the troops, it remains unclear as to exactly how many of the service men and women will be coming home.  Senator John McCain noted that although our needs may possibly decrease in Iraq, America faces ever increasing needs in Afghanistan.  Many of the soldiers leaving Iraq could likely find themselves with a one way ticket to Kabul.

Regardless of any one person’s view on the Iraqi War, we as Americans must recognize that Obama and his left wing administration is currently playing the tune of the public. This pied piper’s song is luring many of us to blindly follow his lead.  The numbers are alarming, as it shows that many people cannot see through his facade.  In the upcoming months the results (or lack thereof) stemming from Obama’s posturing will tell the tale.  Until then conservatives, try not to get too sick, there’s always 2010.