It appears that the President’s official policy with regard to fixing an ailing economy is to throw in everything including the kitchen sink, and his great grandchildren’s future. This is a terrible situation to put ourselves in after admittedly irresponsible spending by the previous administration. However, two wrongs certainly don’t make a right.

While the President is pursuing historic spending measures, it appears that something else is in the works. The media is giving the President’s spending habits as cursory of a review as they did of his campaign. The official commentary coming out of Washington is to attack anyone who publicly questions Obamanomics. But why? Could it be convenient for them to pursue biting personal attacks in place of honest disagreement, or debate? Further, why isn’t the media upholding its designated reason for existence, to hold government accountable? Sure, we have heard some challenges to the spending, but NOTHING compared to what the broad public is saying. So who does the media represent here anyway? The President, or the People? You decide.

In addition, once the good, hard-working people of America rescue the economy through ingenuity, innovation, and broad retooling of their various industries, who is going to get the credit? I bet Robert Gibbs, the President’s mouthpiece, will let us know. Think of it as President Obama’s own “Mission Accomplished” banner. Wait for it and see. But this time around, don’t expect the media to be so unkind to the President. Quit the opposite, as they will likely canonize him.

This may be my crystal ball gazing moment for the week, but the script seems to be set. Just in time for Tuesday, November 6, 2012…