There’s a lot of hubbub going around about Michael Steele and Rush Limbaugh right now. Let’s look at what really happened.

Rush has just come off a situation where he probably should have done more to call out Bush and the RNC on spending and moderacy, like he did with immigration. If you look at what happened to conservatives, we all got a little latent as conservatives, and the Blueblood Republicans flexed their muscles (which the Conservatives grew for them) in 2006 and 08 and we got burnt. BAD. Now Rush has got to get everyone back in line. When he heard Steele call his show incendiary and ugly, I’m sure Rush thought: 1. Wait a minute, you are another person that I basically MADE by promoting you, and 2. I am NOT going through this again. Many of us might not remember this, but the whole reason McCain even got a name was because Rush REALLY promoted him back in ’99 on the Clinton Scandal (one of the few things McCain actually did right). Then McCain went rogue and Rush had to fight him for 8 years. He’s not the only one. So many Republicans, built off the conservatives, BAILED…a.k.a. Bill O’Reilly, who still continues to pridefully think that he somehow successful because of himself, and not the principles that he more and more ignores (and thereby propelling Glenn Beck even more. Heck yeah, Glenn!).

Now let’s look at Mike. He’s been given the HEFTY position of rebuilding the Republican party…and he so badly wants to. There is no doubt he loses sleep over it. I watched his acceptance speech, I’ve watched him working hard. He picked Bobby Jindal for the RNC response to Obama. That is a STATEMENT. Still though, Michael’s got to find his footing. He’s a man that really loves his country, a man that really wants to say the right thing. And give him some time, he’s going to. I have faith in this man. If you watch Steele, he’s a man that I believe doesn’t really know his own potential. He’s taking heat for sure from people who are minorities. He’s in a tough position. But he’s the right man, I believe that. When he opens his eyes and sees all the people just waiting for him to say “GO FOR IT,” then this party is going to fly. It’s coming, but he’s got to believe. What you saw the other night was a slip of the tongue, and it reveals the fear of being called a radical…which brings me to the last point.

Howard Dean is someone Steele can learn from. He was head of the DNC, and he talked like a freaking crazy man. He went WAY left. All he did was criticize Bush, and not in any way  but horrible. The problem with it is that he got the crazies in power, they are CRAZY, and losing support quickly. If Steele gives a hardline conservative approach, and keeps it rational (unlike Dean), but does NOT put down those people who are out working everyday for his party…we are going to take off, just like SquareWon is. I do believe Mr. Steele is the man to do it. Every time I see him step up, I see a genuine desire to get this party in order. So Mr. Steele, FEAR NOT. We are all behind you. Come out swinging for us, and we’ll back you.

Until that day, Mr. Steele.