Sitting in a Coffee Shop today, I overheard two liberals discussing CPAC. I was not particularly alarmed by the regular ignorance, the talking points commonly expressed (you had eight years…we inherited this), the anger at Rush Limbaugh, and the little understanding of what he actually stands for.

Moreover, I was not alarmed at a pressing issue we Conservatives are regularly missing: we are failing to express HOW we are compassionate, that we are not just for less government, but that we are equally FOR privately funded charity.

The argument is simple, and a principle any liberal will generally agree with: monopolies are a bad thing. When something has too much control, or full control even, it is less effective. We Conservatives believe no business or government agency should have a monopoly. Liberals largely argue this point at business alone.

We have GOT to express compassion, and communicate that our compassion rests NOT in a government monopoly on charities (which will inevitably create liberal charities alone), but in a system which facilitates charities to thrive IF the PEOPLE support it, and not through the enforcement of them through a swollen federal government.

Many people are actually not as much liberal as they are compassionate. For instance, in another conversation with a friend of mine, I found that many Catholics are die hard pro-life, but (incorrectly) choose poverty to vote over the abortion vote. We have GOT to explain that we are NOT for more poverty, we are just AGAINST the government being a charity. What we are FOR is providing heavy incentives for businesses to give to charities (hefty tax deductions, etc).

Further we must point out what is occurring: Obama is going to reduce the tax deduction for charities, but supplement charities through the federal government…now which charities do you think he’s going to be supplementing? Churches or the Church of Global Warming?

We have got to take back the word fairness. Its a great word, and the left are anything BUT fair. We need to communicate this compassionately, and provide an ALTERNATIVE compassionate message, and convey it strongly.