Its not absurd to say: we are at a breaking point.

People that were once angry are now seething. People who were once in fierce support of Obama are now scratching their heads.

What in the world is going on?

It’s pretty simple: we elected someone because we thought he was cool. We did not look at his policies, we looked at his smile. We did not heed the warnings, we listened to George Clooney, John Stewart, Whoopie Goldberg, and Oprah. You know, the people who know about government…our entertainers. The one’s in the bankrupt state of CA, or NY, whichever you want.

Well we all didn’t elect someone that was cool. Some of us frustratingly watched McCain, but rallied in hope. And we mustered 46% of the vote. That vote didn’t go away. And I will contend, it was not a vote for McCain, but a vote against Obama.

Now we’ve got rioting across the country, and if you see the footage, it’s not hippie looking people…nope, these look like normal parents, people that are scared of this socialism that is sweeping our government.

FINALLY. Finally we are to a boiling point. Of course this doesn’t mean that we should act in any crazy, irrational manner. What it does mean is that we should get our conservatives tails up and talking. We need to push the crazy’s out of office. We need new and vocal people in, asap.

There is a reckoning coming. This is not some kind of crazy revolution or anything of the sort. As I’ve said before, rogue or radical, or irrational zeal is a mistake and detrimental to our cause. What the reckoning means is that we have to fight for our democratic process, and vote against the penal taxes that are going to KILL our economy.

There was some kind of fever pitch manufactured during Bush, where everyone was mad at Bush, but they didn’t quite know why. People know why to be mad at Obama, and as soon as their pocketbooks are empty, they are going to be furious. Already people are getting fired across the country. Just wait until the inflation comes.

Oh, and let’s please get Pelosi and Reid OUT.