I keep hearing cries of gloom and doom, and while I admit that its going to get worse before its gets better, I think we are on a path straight to victory.

Here are the pitfalls:

1. The Census. Here is the number one problem right now. Most 3rd world countries subvert democracy by playing with the votes. The Census, that is, the way the districts are allotted, and therefore the way the votes are counted in states, is now at the WhiteHouse. This is ALARMING. We have got to get this under control.

2. ACORN. Looming out there is something we forgot. There was an opportunity for mass voter fraud via ACORN. We are FUNDING this organization with FEDERAL DOLLARS. If there is a genius in the Republican party, he would be going after this organization in Congress. As long we let this organization fester, our voter count is wide open for fraud. We have got to GET THIS UNDER CONTROL.

3.  With the Foreign Policy of the Obama administration, especially in the intelligence arena, including the refusal to use the word Terrorism, we should hope to avoid, but should not be surprised is a terrorist attack is on the horizon. Unfortunately this is going to cause mass panic, and with a President that is unlikely to do anything but follow what the liberal side suggested last time (we must understand the terrorists…what?), we can expect further problems. The fear from these attacks is going to really hurt the Metropolitan areas, where these attacks are likely to happen.

4. This leads me to yet another issue we must address: our Metropolitan areas are crashing right now. Contrary to popular panic concepts, this fallout amongst old corporations makes sense: there are new methods of communication as well as new trade policy which are giving competition to those who have lived high and mighty. This new factors are causing unions to buckle. Further, as there is a recession, its notable that the heavy government states are the one’s that really buckling. Further, the widespread redistribution in the housing market also contributed (worn out affirmative action policy).

Here are my predictions

1. A backlash on this HUMONGOUS government, big time. Already, despite the propaganda, third-world tactics of the press, people are not buying that we can keep buying and not go bankrupt.

2. This backlash will include some serious rise in state’s rights. This is a GREAT thing. Already we are seeing the heads of states at the very least threatening to refuse the Stimulus money. Even if this is just hot air, it shows what is on the horizon.

3. People turning on Obama. Right now he’s got a lot of people doing his dirty work, and these people just happen to be from failing states (Again, what is the Queen of San Francisco doing running our House? Her state is bankrupt!). This can’t last forever…and regardless of his poll numbers, which are just ONE percentage point higher than average!!!, he knows he’s in hot water, it’s why he’s holding all these Chavez-like press conferences and summits.

4. Two different paths. If we don’t get the voter problems with ACORN and the Census together (and the DC delegate…note that will ALWAYS be liberal), we are looking at some serious Democratic victories. Once that happens one or two more times, expect more than just outcry. Expect people to threaten claiming independence as a state (already the states are asserting 10th Amendment rights). If we get the voting together, expect a HUGE swing toward conservatives victories as early as 2010, that’s if the conservative emerge, and the beltway doesn’t slap them again. Thank God we’ve got Michael Steele.

5. If this healthcare thing passes, expect us all to be really sick (and a lot of unborn babies to be aborted). And as long as we are harpooning people for flying in jets, expect more plane crashes.

In the end, we’ll sink, we’ll choke, but in my mind there are enough of us to pull back above water, watching the liberal ideas sink into dark abyss. Only to emerge again later and try to sink us again.