Note that the starstruck  Bill O’Reilly, perhaps recovering from his interview with Obama,  listed his top five films of all time on the eve of the eve of the Academy Awards:

#5 Casablanca (time honored but who watches the dvd?)

#4 Platoon the ulimate liberal war movie introducing Charlie Sheen (forget Patton, The Longest Day, Full Metal Jacket or even 300 for the purist)

#3 Midnight Cowboy (New York unmasked? Just buy the soundtrack.)

#2 Schindler’s List (had to made but immediately forgotten by Hollywood liberals)

#1 Godfather, 2 (a family film, but I prefer current news from Chicago)

While watching Patton instead of the academy awards, I came up with my own list.

This is  my list of the five films, which as a father, I would take my sons to see if I could only choose five:

#5  It’s a Wonderful Life

#4 Glory

#3 Patton

#2 Life Is Beautiful

#1 The Passion

Do you have five?