About 2 years ago, I read international law treatises for about 10 hours a day, for 6 weeks straight. Yep. It was a lot. There was something I learned, and it is one of the shadiest things you will hear in politics or in social culture, almost ever. It has to do with a theory called normative theory. 

The theory basically says that a culture can be reshaped if you take a powerful phrase and use it heavily amongst people perceived to be in power, the phrase will then “cascade” into popular culture, and reshape that culture. Why is this shady? Because the liberals have been using this technique all over the place. Here’s some quick and easy one’s:

The Fairness Doctrine. 

Who wants to be unfair? I sure don’t. But the fairness doctrine, which only applies to cable and radio will be a government mandate that both liberals and conservatives must have equal time on the cable and radio. Note: No one listens to liberal talk radio. If they did, it would already exist. It is not the government’s job to decide that a political platform MUST be discussed. It is the government’s job to make sure all voices have the OPPORTUNITY, but no media should be forced to play something no one listens too. I don’t hear the liberals trying to pass a law that nazi’s must have equal time. They shouldn’t have equal time, unless someone could actually muster a show in celebration of national socialism (which would be a horrible and sad event in our culture). Also note: the liberals are not interested in being fair, if they were, we’d also have an equal say in Hollywood, and on the network stations and print media, which the liberals overwhelmingly own. This is a way to ensure that they gut any voices of opposition. 


The implication of this term is that people who know that homosexual bedroom relations are improper have a disorder. Interestingly homosexuality used to be a psychological  disorder that was treated. It was removed by the radical psychologists that came in in the second half of the 20th century, and subsequently, they and others have set in motion an incremental normalization of homosexuality (which, by the way, has been working very well, and is very well funded). They invented homophobia, to make people scared of seeming like a bigot. 

Reproductive Health, Reproductive Freedom, Fight AIDS, Fight Poverty

WOW! Those sound Amazing! What do they really mean? Sorry everyone, but anytime you hear these, think ONE word: ABORTION. How do they justify using these terms as abortion? Well the last two are simply: if you abort poor people and abort AIDS babies, then you will not have to take care of them (Remember Nancy Pelosi defending STD prevention in the Stimulus package?). The first two? Those just pretty much sound good. Pretty sick huh? 


Racism has been trafficked as a term to shut the opposition up. Want to scare a politician? Call him racist. It was hilarious when Blago turned it on everyone and got Burris into office. But seriously, Jeremiah Wright is racist. George W. Bush and Condoleeza Rice are not. 


Bipartisan, in it’s pure form, means two different minds come together to reach an agreement. Bipartisan to Liberals means: I the liberal say what we should think, and you the Conservative should agree. Anything beyond that is not bipartisan, says the liberal. 

Tax Credit

This one is one of my favorites, and the Republicans have still yet to argue this point well. Some tax credits are not a bad gig, but lately Obama has been saying most Americans will get a $500 tax credit. Then Republicans say “Well those people receiving aren’t paying taxes. The Democrats say “Yes they are: sales taxes and other things.” The Republican sits there dumbfounded. Here’s an easy answer Republicans: You Democrats are simply redistributing the wealth. If you really wanted to fix taxes…you would CUT TAXES. How about cutting the gas tax altogether? Cut it. Right now. Then Congress, you will not be regulating who should get what money.  And Congress, you’d at least save money on your private jets. 

There’s an old term for using words that do not add up: LYING. 

Stay tuned for more shady terms later.