After less than two weeks online, Squarewon’s blog, Squarepost, has been a huge hit.  We credit you, the reader, for the early success of this blog.  Without you, we would be talking to ourselves, and that would be, well, weird.  

You may have noticed that several new contributors have joined the Squarepost this week, and we are in conversation with several others to join up.  So far, you have heard from Winston Galt, usadp, TRN, JeffG, and WellsR.  The purpose of Squarepost is to create a new breed of conservative writers, who are willing to take their conservative ideas to the internet, and meet tough issues head-on.  

You may have noticed a bit of humor on this blog roll, and that is intended.  We at the Squarepost intend to provide serious information with a mix of humor, all in an effort to give the conservative movement a new voice.  Blog posts at the Squarepost may range from serious position pieces, to commentary on current affairs, to our new Friday Fun posts.  We think this mix will keep the blog informative, but also enjoyable.

If you think we can improve Squarepost, email us at  We welcome all comments and criticism related to this project, so let us have it.

For now, enjoy the reading, and welcome to the renewal.