It’s gaining little attention in national news, but the States are making a comeback. To understand, let’s look at a little history.

Believe it or not, the Founding Fathers did not believe we had a manifest destiny to crown King Obama. No, they actually wanted for all expressed purposes, a bunch of smaller limited “kings” (called Governors), and a weak Federal Government (shown by the VERY weak Federal Government established in the Articles of Confederation…too weak), with a very limited “king” (called a President), limited by all the Governors, and Congress, and the Justice System. Under all these limited “kings” were even smaller provinces, run by even more limited “kings” (often called Mayors). Each one of these limited “kings” would be limited most of all, by their people. And the “king” that was closest to the people would have the most insight on those people, therefore, they would, or were supposed to have the most input on their local citizens. Someone hundreds of miles away could not do this.

There was a problem. A gross injustice plagued our nation. This injustice is called “slavery.” Glossing over the history (for brevity sake), the slavery issue gave the Federal government a largely popular move to limit states rights severely, finding en routes through the Commerce Clause and, of course, the 14th Amendment.

While the initial cause of preventing discrimination was, in my mind, just, the result was a subsequent history of rationalization of a super-sized Federal Government. The states rights have been on a path to disappearing…until the Federalist society revived them again.

The Federalist Society, perhaps less known outside of law schools, is a Society dedicated to the preservation of the Separation of Powers…meaning they believe in strong state governments, and dislike the Activist Supreme Court (it makes sense that Judge Robert Bork is one of the pioneers of the Federalist Society…he was skewered by people like Teddy Kennedy in the 80’s, a serious embarrassment to Congress, as Teddy Kennedy, God Bless his health and soul, generally tends to be). I cannot be certain, but I think we are seeing some of the Federalist influence taking effect in States right now.

According to the 10th Amendment center, States are introducing bills asserting their rights under the 10th Amendment, which sends the rights NOT delegated in the Constitution to the states. With this swollen Federal Government, it looks like a lot of people are thinking the same thing I am: if you want to bankrupt CA, NY, and IL on absurd programs, I won’t stop you, as long as you’ll

1. Let people leave if they want, and

2. Leave us alone. In my mind, you won’t have a state for very long.

It’s great to see these states stepping up, and swinging back after the 53% landslide (yes I’m being sarcastic) of Obama, which apparently gave him a care blanche to spend everyone else’s money, and call himself charitable.

Keep it up Socialists, and you just might lose the whole thing.