Go see the movie Taken. Go see it twice. Then go see it again. Then go see it AGAIN. Seriously, it rocks. When some slummies steal Liam Neeson’s daughter, he doesn’t cry like an sissy boy. Oh no. He straps up his boots, takes names, and finishes the game. He’s not perfect. He tries his best. But he loves his daughter, and HE WON’T BE STOPPED.  In the 90’s Ben Affleck would have gone and seen a counselor to forget about her, and the daughter, played by Sandra Bullock would have unrealistically punched a drug czar in the face and saved herself (though she’d need to be a Delta Force to actually have that happen). Not now. Nope. THE HERO IS BACK. But he’s not alone. Think about it: the new Bond, The Dark Knight, Slumdog Millionaire, Mall Cop (yes even Mall Cop), and Gran Torino (which is the mother of all of them). 

I don’t know what happened in Hollywood, unless someone up there is conservative (or someone FINALLY wants to finally make money), but there are men again in movies.

Believe it or not, I am more picky about movies than I am politics (well, just as picky), and I boycott ruthlessly if there is a liberal stink within 100 miles of the movie theater. Not lately. All the movies above I saw, rocked. I truly think Christopher Nolan took Batman and made it what it never was, but always should be. I bought that movie and watched it twice in a day. He even made Heath Ledger play a straight character, and play it well (God rest his soul).

There’s something else as important coming out of Hollywood: an adequate description of men. I’ll explain. 

Ladies, you ever said this before: “well he’s really nice, but I see him as a friend.” Now, ever found yourself attracted to the masculine jerk, but you won’t date him because he is a jerk (or you made the unfortunate choice to date him)? Yes? Here’s why.

The nice waifish guy is “gentle.” The masculine jerk is  a “man.” What you want is a COMBINATION. A GENTLEMAN. 

The feminists destroyed the Gentleman. They destroyed him because they told all the potential gentlemen: be nice and waifish and girls will like you (no, they’ll just want to be your friends). The nice guys said “ok,” and the jerks said “whatever I’ll do my own thing” (and date everyone and use them). 

BUT HE’S BACK! You can’t hold him down forever, and when a movie speaks a truth, you often have a hit. Enter 2009 movies. The biggest hits happen to have a strong male lead that is self sacrificing. What a surprise! People like to see a good guy, not a waif who lets his girlfriend punch out the jerk (although I am still waiting for a guy to kiss the girl first, that ceased sometime in the mid-90’s altogether).

Once again, we are paralleling the late 70’s, as we saw a reemergence of freaking awesome good guys (think Star Wars, Dirty Harry, and Rocky). Now if we could just get a few in politics!  As for movies,

Welcome back HERO.