In the past 50 years of United States government, the Catholic Church has taken some serious hits. Because the Catholic Church championed the unions (worker’s rights, a great movement when properly balanced with respect for employer, but NOT how it currently is), and got tied up heavily in the 60’s radicalism, it also became heavily rooted in the Democratic party. 

The result is a stark hypocrisy in Catholic Democrats: they will hold pro-choice views and try to justify their position by pointing out that help for the poor is also important. This statement, whether made by clergy or laity, is in contradiction to the Catholic teaching, which heralds the protection of life as a “nonnegotiable” and decisions on how to help the poor as a matter of “prudential judgment” (meaning, it doesn’t have to come by federal aid). 

This alarming inconsistency was shown in the Presidential Election. Despite Obama’s radical support of abortion, and his support of FOCA, 54% of Catholics still voted for Obama. 

This vote has not gone unnoticed, nor did the fact that 1 million dollars was given to ACORN by the US Council of Catholic Bishops.  Not only have the faithful (and I will add theologically educated) been outraged and vocally so, but the Bishops, the one who are in line with the official teaching of the Church, are becoming increasingly vocal (FINALLY!). 

The result has been pressure on those in public office SEVERELY misrepresenting Catholic teaching. Among these John Kerrys and Joe Bidens is the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. 

Recently Nancy Pelosi, who is a self-proclaimed “ardent Catholic,” recently botched a Catholic teaching on National Television, saying that issues on life are up for debate in the Church. Further, she later suggested that contraceptives are more economically sound, because there will less people to pay for (which is actually a common thought, unfortunately. If you’d like to debate this issue, I’m all for it). These are severely incorrect teachings for a Catholic, making her an embarrassment to her and her Parish. 

So when Pelosi had the gaul to make an appearance to Benedict, I was praying (along with all the other Catholics out there), that she would be chastised. I was not disappointed. 

Outside of the Catholic realm, it’s hard to understand what actually happened, because Catholics love subtlety. So let me explain. 

Pelosi had fifteen minutes with His Excellence. The official statement from the Pope was (paraphrase): The Pope reminded Pelosi that life should be protected at all stages. This treatment is the equivalent of a warning. Yep, Pope Benedict XVI is a bull dog, and one we conservatives, whether Catholic or not, should be proud of. 

Benedict XVI told this women: “you are out of line of the teaching. Get in line, or you are not Catholic. No, there will not be a photoOP with me.” While the Pope is not going to use force on the Speaker, he is, for all expressed purposes, giving her a stern warning. 

This warning reminds me of a statement that came out of the Church around 1840: Slavery is evil and must be abolished. 

Let’s look forward to people like Speaker Pelosi either backing off, or no longer claiming the Catholic Faith.