I often find myself searching for the original source of information in order to form my own opinions regarding an issue. When looking for the official liberal position on the current “stimulus” plan, I decided to get it straight from the horse’s mouth. What I found was surprisingly, unsurprising.

The horse, in this case, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, has released several press statements on the “stimulus” plan. I will spare you the endless liberal back-patting and cut to the chase.

House Speaker Pelosi states in her February 13, 2009 release, “After all the debate, this legislation can be summed up in one word: Jobs. New jobs for 3.6 million Americans…” Hmm, 3.6 millions jobs for Americans who don’t have one, after all that debate? This sounds too good to be true.

We’ve just had nearly $800 billion in spending and $7 trillion in guarantees and entitlements crammed down our throat with little more than a reassurance about “jobs.” Pelosi’s press statements wax eloquent about the handouts packed into this stimulus bill. She claims “every dollar invested in food stamps and in unemployment insurance creates $1.73 and $1.63 respectively — making this the right thing to do for the American people, the right thing to do for the economy.”

Wow, that’s news to me. If we are guaranteed a 63 – 73% return on investment, why not spend more? Could it be we are being sold a bag of goods with no value by Speaker Pelosi? You decide.

Speaker Pelosi’s rhetoric is aggressively populist, moderately coherent, and deplorably disingenuous. As an example, she goes on to say, “when we register our support for this very important legislation […] let us think that our hands are being held, and our hands are being pushed by all of the American people who want us to vote for them.” Well, Speaker Pelosi, let me be the first to say you may not imagine me either holding or pushing your hand to vote for such a bill.