Prior to the Chrystendom in Europe, there were no countries, just tribes (and a felled Roman Empire). These tribes, while taking care of their own, were savage to others (and ruthless to their own as well). 

In these tribes you had a warlord, a chieftan, who often took for himself all the women and plundering he wanted. He was deemed the most cunning, the most ruthless, and respected for it. 

Outside Chrystendom, this type of tribe continued to flourish across the world, and now, in third world nations, this type of tribe still continues. 

Let’s look at the archetype: tribal warlord seizes for himself and those who believe what he believes. Those who adhere to his whim are then taken care of, but only to an extent he deems fit. Don’t join the tribe? Good luck on your own, and if you cause trouble, see you later. 

This type of action is not liberalism, necessarily. No, it is Barbarism, and we are seeing it take place in our country right now. What is emerging is a code that allows those within the Obama camp (yes, you got it, the chieftan!) to be taken care of. You evaded taxes? No problem, you are at the treasurer (Geithner). You are a racist left-wing loon? That’s great, you are in charge of the Church (Jeremiah Wright). You bomb buildings? You will organize textbooks for our school Children (Bill Ayers). You want abortion on demand, condoms in the hands of teens, instead of waging war on the unjust to prevent genocide? You get to be Secretary of State (Clinton). You get whatever you want. The only rule is: Obama is always right. 

With the census moving to DC, we are seeing this tribe subvert democracy for power. With this media, we are seeing a mythology created around a man who has done nothing but run for President and spend a bunch of tax dollars. Through our education system, we will see the Green Religion and Obama heralded as the truth. 

Europe, after abandoning the natural law and its Christian heritage, went down this road in the 20th century, and it brought nothing but misery and death. While I know Chrystendom to be flawed, unjust, and archaic in many ways, I know that the principles it contained were the miraculous principles on which this nation was founded. These principles are based in Natural Law, which, as a gift from our Creator, do not require a theocracy, but  rather require that all people be allowed their inalienable, intrinsic value. 

Abandoning these principles for the whims of a few at the top might be far from a totalitarian regime, but it’s far too close to one for my tastes.