We are beyond scary now.

Let’s run the count:

We elected a man because people say he is cool.
The Census is now in the Whitehouse.
Senator Gregg steps down from Obama’s cabinet. Yes boys its true, the cabinet, well what we have of it, is now fully liberal.
The “Stimulus” Bill, the biggest spending packages in history, passed…though no one has read it!
Nancy Pelosi is apparently off to Rome, to visit the Pope (I’m going to be furious if she doesn’t come back with her tail between her legs and unable to receive communion).
We are bankrupt.
Lindsey Graham sounds like a right-wing crazy (leading us to conclude that the country is NOT on board with this, and SC is about to elect a new Senator).
John McCain’s PAC just sent out campaign money for his reelection (which I am not giving a DIME to, and am insulted that he took my e-mail address and is using it for his AZ campaign).

Many of us are packing up our things, investing in gold, and buying guns.

Glenn Beck is predicting dooms day. 

Google has bought in on the Obama Train. 

But let’s not throw in towel quite yet.


Well lets go WAY off topic here for a moment. You might not remember this, but three or four years ago, Britney Spears was at her height. How did she celebrate this height? Well, like everyone does, by making out with Madonna in public! The press proclaimed it genius, and amazing, and everything else. Meanwhile, in an old house back in Alabama, my Father muttered under his breath: “Well that’s the end of her.”

I agreed at the time, but wondered about his confidence. Spears was all over everything. She seemed unbeatable. And then…meltdown. Shaving her head, going nuts. And all the bad stuff.

I think”The Kiss of Death,” is what is happening in Congress right now. We are about to see those Nancy Pelosi whackos begin shaving their heads. 

So many of us are scared and worried and pulling our hair out and saying:

Glenn Beck rocks.

And then going back to our worry. Here’s the thing: it’s hard to understand, that we are on the cusp of victory, because we are the one’s right in the middle of the complaining, that WE are the one’s that VOTE.

Anyone remember in 1999 when people were calling for Clinton to run for a 3rd term? I clearly remember News Anchors calling Gore “virtually unstoppable.”

Then something funny happened: Gore lost. The liberals were mortified. At that time they didn’t understand this “New Media.” Now they do. They understand it well, which is why they want the fairness doctrine back. It’s why they are attacking Rush Limbaugh. Believe it or not, they are scared. They know 53% of the vote just isn’t the ultimatum they wanted. 

Right now, out there looms this large beast called the liberal near super-majority. Further, they just moved the census to the Whitehouse. We’re all claiming gloom and doom. 

We did right after Clinton escaped being thrown out of office for Perjury too. 

There is a Death Cry going on right now. It’s either the liberals with this fast-paced move to institute all their programs in a third-world method, or it’s the Conservatives, for their lack of will. One of us is Britney Spears, about to shave our head. 

My prediction? I think we’re on our way to a brutal political war, which comes down to one thing above everything else: the census. If we make sure the liberals do not rewrite the rules for the census (basically giving an estimate of poor people they allege are not counted in districts), then it is their death cry. If they win this, then the American people eventually get so mad that they overturn it and start over (20 years from now). 

Either that or it is the Death Cry for the United States. So many of have gotten soft, lackluster, too focused on recreation, and will let our rights go right out the window without a fight, just to avoid being called something besides “cool.” 

Let’s avoid the death cry of Conservatism, and America. Let’s make this the liberals’ last hoorah. It’s work people, but it’s fun. And it’s up to us.