Well I’ll give it to ’em. I’ve been wondering when that “tax credit” 95% of us are getting, or being redistributed to, is coming. Apparently its in this bill. The $500 tax credit has been “reduced” to $400, as a Yahoo article says (along with mentioning Susan Collins almost as many times as there are dollars in the Stimulus package, just to let everyone know Republicans are on board and everything).

Its funny, when I read that Yahoo news article on Obama’s stimulus, I see how much the spin is still in Obama’s favor.

But let’s go back a few days. Anyone watched the Emperor’s press conference a few nights ago? You would have seen something, well, boring. And a little scary.

Scary simply because the substance of Obama’s language just didn’t seem to add up, although his tone sounded like he was trying to pretend his knowledge did add up (quite the opposite of Bush, although the force with which he spoke sounds eerily like Bush).

However, within all this speech, and the tax credit, is that slickness of a salesman. You sit there and try to find the catch when he offers you a great deal. Well, here’s one of the catches.

Obama has made sure many of us get about $13 a week more now. The problem is, he’s taking more than he’s giving, and he’s not just taking it from us, he’s taking it from our kids. It’s like this: “Hey American People, I’m going to give you $13.00 more a week, well $13 to the people I like. In the meantime, all my friends and I will live like kings, and, if you’re wondering where your house is, we took it. Oh, and you’re house too.

But hey! We’ve saved the planet from underwater destruction. Right?

Years from now, people are going to look back at this global warming nonsense, and compare it to spontaneous generation, a flat earth, and angels dancing on the head of a pin.

And years from now people will wonder why we bought into this clown and let him take the shirt off our back so he can be “cool.”

Catch #2. I imagine most people saw President Obama’s moment with that lady who asked him for help with his house (at another press conference).

Yes, I too was angry that the democrats have put her in the position to believe she needs to ask Obama for a house, and also that she believed he’d pull it out of his magic hat.

That’s not what I was most worried about. What I was most worried about was his demeanor to her. He was NOT compassionate. His tone never changed (I’m not sure it can), and he came off as a second-rate televangelist. When he asked her name, it did not seem like he was looking at her, but rather still delivering the speech. He did give her a kiss (oh my gosh, the king kissed her!), looking as if he was descending from his throne to do so.

It is in personal moments that I see how President Obama shows how detached he is. Where was his compassion? A token kiss? How about being kind and telling her he’d talk to her afterward? How about really looking into her eyes and talking to her on a personal level? None of that. Well that’s not the Messiah I envisioned (thank you, George Soros).

The other truly impersonal moment standing out in my mind is when Obama appeared on the big screen when nominated at the primary. His daughters tried to talk to him, and he really just pushed them to the side. Maybe he was more nice to them after his vacation in Hawaii. Can we please let him know we are NOT Venezuela?

There is an opening here people. Can we just go ahead and show this for what it is? A huge sham? Please stop being worried about this dominance, and see that he’s just an emperor pretending to wear a new suit? Where is the young politician to point this out so we can just start laughing, and get a new President (and NOT an emperor).