Ok, let me get this straight. We just passed a 900 billion dollar “stimulus” package, and we’re bailing out banks with a now inestimable amount of billions (shown by Treasury Secretary Geithner’s unwillingness to profess anything)…and we are a bankrupt nation.

Of course I’m angry. Of course I’m upset. Of course I’m not alone.

But let’s talk about why, not just WHAT we are doing. WHY is this happening?

Well we know the Democrats are going to be liberal…but Republicans?

Let’s count the figure:

Republicans against the big bill: 214
Republicans for the big bill: 3.

That’s not even a great basketball score.

So we should probably look at these 3 and ask why?

Yesterday morning Arlen Specter (Senator, PA), supporter of the bill, was asked (paraphrase): did you know that a section of this bill gives the government the power to refuse medical treatment to people if the government deems that treatment inefficient?”
Mr Specter (paraphrase): I, um, well, I, well parts of the Bill are not good and need to be removed and we’ll remove them in committee, but I made a promise to stand for the bill, so we’ll remove it if that’s in there.

Thanks a lot.

Anyone that has been following this bill knows its a public policy bill called a stimulus bill. Well, we all know the liberals are into that “normative theory” stuff, and like to call things what they aren’t so the public will OK it. But Republicans?! Why would you pass a Democrat’s dream bill?

Along with Specter, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, both from Maine, joined their fellow Dem-, oh wait, joined their fellow Republicans, oh, sorry, joined their fellow Republican, Arlen Specter in voting for the bill…we knew they would vote for it. I don’t know why they don’t just switch parties.

But Mr. Specter…is in a…SWING STATE. Yep, a swing state. He’s got a problem there. Not only did Democrat Joe Torsella (current Chairman of the State Board of Education) announce he’s running against Specter in 2010, but Specter already had a shaky former run against Pat Toomey…(Oh my! A conservative!) previously. Toomey runs a PAC in PA, and I’m betting he and the new Santorums of the world are licking their chops (now if we could just get an all-star to run against Charlie Crist, Governor of FL).

Mr. Specter, you’ve really got under the skin of a lot of people in the past, but this is something else. Chances are, you’re buying yourself a one-way ticket to the “rocking chair” seat on your front porch.

How about changing your mind and backing off this bill?