I’m disgusted, and I’m not alone. Obama is now back on the campaign trail. What? He calling Congressional members “liars.” What?!

Will anyone tell this guy how to act Presidential? He’s not on a campaign anymore.

What happened to unity? What happened to Hope? We’ve now got an “endless recession” in place.

The only things I see recessing are capitalism and democracy.
Oh, and freedom, personal freedom.

From what I have seen (and for many seasons now, I have been praying I am wrong), there is nothing new here. I really WANTED to be excited by Obama. I WANT to see this “articulate intellectual” (as Dick Morris called him last night), and I really HOPED that I was just crazy when everyone made fun of me and told me I was not “cool” because I was outspoken on what is happening in DC.

Let’s look at what really happened.

We had a President elected in a popularity contest. Our Congressional leaders are liberals from  failing states (Why is Nancy Pelosi leading when her state is going bankrupt???) We have news stations pasting Michael Phelps/The Manhattan Madame/AROD all over the place, and a country read to slurp up the latest soundbite telling them what to think…how did this happen?

Its pretty simple actually. The government became a charity. 

The government should not be a charity. The government should support charities, the government should be giving businesses and people extreme incentives to give to charities (especially right now), NOT BECOME a charity. And right now, the government is not just acting as a charity, its FORCING CHARITIES OUT. How does this happen?

Belief that the government should take care of people, and by boxing everyone out that wants to help.

Here’s the problem: Government bureaucracies are far better at pretending to be altruistic than actually BEING altruistic. Its far easier to hit the campaign trail and say “People are hurtin’ and I’m gonna help them” than actually help them. Charities help by people devoting their lives to outreach, and MOST importantly, if they are not effective…the charity dies (or does not grow). The government keeps failing systems alive by giving the hungry bureaucracy an endless amount of money. 

That’s part of why I’m disgusted. But there’s more. 

Government social programs have another adverse effect: families are severely weakened. You can see this happening to anyone going to these pathetic schools. What happens to a family who is trying to raise their children with a bootstrap conservative ethic? Enter the schools/media/entertainment. Suddenly you as a parent are battling for your children’s well being. If you don’t, you can expect a propagandized child, who waits eagerly for the latest words out of Lindsey Lohan’s mouth. Hooray for the culture of “cool.” 

Personally, I want out of the system, and I’m not alone. More and more people are seeking the homeschool path. Of course, the next parry in the fight for your children are these Nationalists deciding (like they did in CA) that you cannot teach unless you have a teaching degree. 

Here’s the rub. Enter the school’s again. To have a degree to homeschool your children, you have to pay the government, which generally means paying off debt to a system you disagree with. Further you have to learn useless propaganda to graduate. One last chance for these guys to get in your brain and ask, “Don’t you really think that your child should be medicated and that green cars are more important that church?” Further, what if you don’t have time to get a teaching degree cause you are poor? Then you just have to send your kids to the public school. And the cycle continues… 

One more time everyone: NO WE WON’T!