Since President Obama became an object of fixation for the media and much of the world, we have become accustom to lofty rhetoric asking us to “choose hope over fear.”  We are said to be living in the beginning of a post-partisan era in which we have been further asked to choose “unity over discord.”

The problem, you ask?  Our nation is built upon a firm foundation of vigorous debate over every issue of national importance.  From this debate, we have hammered out declarations of war, budgets, and the very document that we all hold so dear, The United States Constitution.  Without such debate, the strength of our nation is muted.

By framing the debate in terms of unity over discord, we are in danger of being persuaded to not ask why, to not engage in the process, and to rely on the powers of Washington, D.C. to make decisions for us.  Instead, we should be asking Congress and the President to justify the stimulus bill, to justify continued spending and overspending of TARP funds, and most interestingly, to justify why we are being asked to “fear” debate over this stimulus package?

Shouldn’t we be choosing hope instead?  Hope that America will remake itself from within, through ingenuity, creativity, and sheer force of will, not from reliance on excessive governmental spending?  We have been here before, and the new, New Deal is not a deal worth making.  Consider the source asking us to be afraid of debating such wasteful spending and be prepared to ask, why?