Three days ago I got the flu, which made me privy to witnessing one of the largest debacles in Congressional History. If you really want to see the real dirty laundry for politicians, watch the news at 5pm. Unfortunately what you see on television will make you more ill than what is keeping you home on a Friday.

So I sat home, and found Obama went out with his wife to get his really expensive box seats (better seats than the Fat Cats he’s criticizing all the time), while Congress stayed locked up in the Whitehouse, prepared to sign a bill so their weekend wouldn’t be ruined.  

Congress must think we have no memory (and they are probably right). Just under six months ago, our whole country wrote letters to Congress begging “For the love of God, don’t bail Wall Street out!” and the Republicans (not all of them. I’m so proud of Sessions and Shelby) gave us no reason to give them ANY kind of majority, much less the Presidency. And now, to further our disenfranchisement, our “ever responsible Congress” just went through 900 billion dollars with a “scalpel.” They cut it to 780 billion. Whoopee! Thank you so much! 

Even John McCain didn’t go for this one. 

President Obama did. He chastised everyone except himself last night (he was still too busy coming off the “I screwed up” from Daschle) at the Democratic Retreat. By the way, the retreat cost us taxpayers $100,000 (who’s counting that when you are used to spending our money in the billions?), but they bragged b/c lobbyists didn’t pay for their retreat. Anyway, Barack yelled to them last night saying:  Not spending 900 billion dollars would be a catastrophe. We should be SCARED.

Well, well, well…so much for hope. 

Lindsey Graham, who cozied up to Obama not too long ago, didn’t like the bill one bit. If Graham didn’t like it, you know we are in trouble. 

Landrieu loved it. Of course she did. And had no answer to Greta Van Sustern when Greta (apologetically) asked how the Dems came to the numbers in the bill. 

And as usual, Krauthammer got it right: the whole thing is an abomination. He was being “generous” with that phrase. I liked it when he said “boondoggle.” Much better word. Gosh Krauthammer, could you run for President please?